ShaderMap Version 4 R3
Control ShaderMap with the LUA Script API
As of ShaderMap 4.0.4 users can now script project setup, rendering, and export of maps. ShaderMap uses the popular scripting language LUA to expose a number of functions (API) to the user - See for more information about LUA. Running LUA scripts in ShaderMap requires a PRO LICENSE.

The ShaderMap LUA API is contained in a single file and can be found at "lua/sm4.lua" in the ShaderMap program directory.

Each call to a ShaderMap function must be contained in a ShaderMap Action block. These blocks are called one after the other by ShaderMap during script execution. Below is an example call to create a new project wrapped inside a ShaderMap action block.

function sma() sm_new_project() end

Scripts can be executed from command line or run from the Script Button on the Main Interface (under the Project Grid). Projects can also be exported to script using the Script Button and this is a recommended starting point for learning to create scripts with ShaderMap and LUA.

View the LUA API source code

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