ShaderMap Version 4.1.x
ShaderMap Projects and Templates
There are two ways to save / load ShaderMap projects to / from file: Project files and Template files.

Project Files

Project files contain the current project configuration including paths to source maps and models. If any data is required by the project then it will be saved in a folder next to the project file. The folder may include locked maps, filter data, and normal map editor data. Each Project is assigned the file extension .SMPX.

Template Files

Template files are similar except they do not contain any paths to source maps and models. Instead Template files, when loaded, put the project in template mode which requires the user to load the source files before the project setup is completed. Template files have the extension .SMPT.

Template files stored in the "C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4_1\Libs\Template" folder will appear on the Start Screen Template Lib drop list control. You can place common template files in that folder for quick access.

Below is an image of a Project Grid when in Template mode. The source node is colored blue to represent that it is in Template mode. To complete the project and render the children nodes, click the folder icon in the source node and load a source file of the type needed. Hold your mouse over the folder icon button to get additional details about the source file from a tooltip.

Try This

There are 2 template files added (by default) to the template library. PBR Pebbles and PBR Metal Plate. From the Start Screen select one of them, this will create the project in template mode. Load one of the following source images into the source template node:

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