ShaderMap Version 4 R3
About the ShaderMap SDK
The ShaderMap SDK includes instructions and source code for building Map, Filter, and Geometry Plugins using C++ and Visual Studio. It also includes instructions for building ShaderMap materials using XML + HLSL. If you are a programmer / artist with C++ or HLSL shader skills then you should download the free ShaderMap SDK and start building your own Maps, Filters, and Materials. Each API is just a single page of C++ source code and comes with examples.

To download the ShaderMap SDK or get a link to the GitHub project page please visit

* Attention programmers with knowledge of 3D formats. Using the ShaderMap SDK you can build Geometry Plugins which are used to import 3D geometry for the Material Visualizer and the Normal Editor brushes. We are always looking to expand the number of 3D model formats ShaderMap can import. If you've built a geometry plugin and would like to share it with the ShaderMap community please contact me, Neil, at .

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