ShaderMap Version 4 R3
Standard Keyboard Shortcuts
Below is a list of all keyboard shortcuts used in ShaderMap. To view a full list of keyboard commands for the Normal Editor view the Normal Editor Keyboard Shortcuts page.


Get HelpF1 + Left Mouse on any control

Embed MapDrag Map + Shift
Fast Zoom Image / 3DScroll Mouse + Shift
Start FolderEnter
New ProjectCtrl + N
Open ProjectCtrl + O
Save ProjectCtrl + S
Save Project As...Ctrl + Shift + S
Save All MapsCtrl + M
Map Zoom In.
Map Zoom Out,
Map Zoom StrafeArrow Keys
Toggle Main / VisualizerM
Toggle External VisualizerE
Delete NodeDelete
Screen Shot Visualizer CanvasCtrl + F11

Add to Selection - Model SetupCtrl + Left Mouse
Remove from Selection - Model SetupAlt + Left Mouse
Undo Cage History - Model SetupCtrl + Z
Redo Cage History - Model SetupCtrl + Y

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