ShaderMap Version 3.x
3D Model Setup
When a Source 3D Model node is selected in the Project Grid, the 3D Model Setup is displayed on the right side of the Main Interface. It provides tools for modifying the Cage Mesh with history control and panels to define Material ID based on subset groupings. Left Clicking the canvas uses the selected Tool, Right Clicking rotates the camera around the models. Below is an image of the Model Setup interface followed by a description of each part.

  • Subset Select Tool - This tool allows the user to select subsets on the Source Model or on the Cage Model. This is the same as selecting a set of subsets in the Subset List Panel. Press and hold CTRL to add another subset to your selection. Press and hold ALT while selecting to remove an already selected subset.
  • Push Tool - This tool pushes Cage Model vertices along the averaged face normals (can disable average normals in the tool properties). The purpose of this tool is to fit the cage model around the source model. It can operate on vertices or triangles.
  • Scale Tool - Like the Push Tool, the Scale Tool operates on Cage Model geometry. It simply scales the vertices or faces away from the center of the model.
  • Push / Scale Selection States - When Push or Scale Tool is active these controls allow the user to choose to do the following:

    • IB - Toggles the ignoring backfacing triangles when selecting.
    • F or V - Select either Face Triangles (F) or Vertices (V).
  • Cage History - Any changes made to the Cage Model can be undone and redone using this control. Keyboard shortcuts are CTRL + Z for undo, CTRL + Y for redo.
  • Subset List - This is a list of all Source Model or Cage Model subsets. Here you can select a number of subsets and define them as a Material ID.
  • Toggle Cage Checkbox - If checked then the Subset List and Subset Select Tool operate on the Cage Model rather than the Source Model.
  • Material ID List - Contains the default Material ID, which contains all subsets and any user defined Material ID which defines a set of subsets.
  • Tool Properties - Properties specific to the selected tool.
  • Model Info - Displays model type, vertices, and triangles in the Source Model (Cage Model if Toggle Cage Checkbox is checked).
  • Canvas Color Button - Brings up a color dialog to set the Model Setup background color.
  • View Perspective Control - Change the perspective of the camera to Perspective, or Orthogonal Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom.
  • Reset Camera - Resets the camera to default position and rotation.

A Source Model with a Cage Model not yet Pushed to fit around the Source Model. All Triangles are selected. The Cage Model can be added to the project in the Model's Node Properties.

The Cage Model has now been pushed to fit around the Source Model. The Model is now Setup for Projection Baking.

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