The ShaderMap SDK provides a flexible and powerful interface for creating add-ons. There are 3 C/C++ files for building plugins. Create maps, geometry importers, and filters. Simply create a Win32 DLL project with Visual Studio and include one of the core C/C++ files to build a plugin type.

The SDK comes with instructions on how to create ShaderMap Material Files using HLSL inside an XML file. These Material Files are used to create new Materials Types in the ShaderMap Material Visualizer.

* The ShaderMap SDK is released as Open Source software under the MIT License. You may use it to develop commercial plugins for ShaderMap.
Transform Maps and Models
ShaderMap™ creates and converts rendering textures to different formats. It can also bake maps from 3D models. Easily tweak settings and preview changes in real-time.

Start by loading a source file, (texture or 3D Model). ShaderMap instantly generates displacement, normal, and ambient occlusion maps. View your maps on custom models and paint normals and displacement pixels in the ShaderMap Normal Editor. Try it Now!

ShaderMap Instructional Videos
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Materials and Models
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