ShaderMap Version 3.x
Embedding Maps
Any map can be embedded in another map. Using ShaderMap's channel mixer you can take any color channel of a map and embed it into any other color channel of another map. When that map is saved it will contain the color channels of the embedded map(s). You can embed up to 4 maps in any single map.

To embed a map into another - left mouse drag a map in the Project Grid, once the map is being dragged press and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard. Next drag the map over another map and release the left mouse button. This will bring up the Channel Mixer dialog.

In the Channel Mixer dialog there are 4 checkboxes located at the bottom, one for each R G B A channel. Checking one of the channels tells ShaderMap to embed that channel into the map, it will display a line with an arrow pointing to the channel it will be embedded into. Left mouse drag any embedded color channel's arrow to place it into a different channel of the map. Click the accept button to exit the Channel Mixer dialog.

Now that the map is embedded in another it will be displayed as an icon next to the map it is embedded in. To un-embed a map, left mouse drag the icon off the map and release it. Releasing it over a different map will cause it to be embedded in that map. To bring up the Channel Mixer for the embedded map - double click the icon of the embedded map.

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