ShaderMap Version 3.x
An Introduction to the Main Interface
The ShaderMap Main Interface can be thought of as having two sides, the left section contains the Project Grid and Node Properties, the right section contains a preview of the selected node. The preview section can be either the Map Preview if a map is selected in the Project Grid or the Model Setup if a 3D model is selected. Below is an image showing the layout of the ShaderMap Main Interface.

  • Project Grid - This control contains thumbnail previews of each node. Nodes can be dragged to empty cells for repositioning or to occupied cells to switch places. Right clicking on any node will bring up its context menu. The number of cells in the grid can be set using the controls near the bottom left of the grid.
  • Node Controls - The selected node will display a number of controls next to it. Learn more about the types of controls found on the Node Controls Page.
  • Node Properties - The selected node will display a number of properties under the Project Grid. These properties control map rendering or 3d model configuration. To learn more skip to the Node Properties Page.
  • Map Preview / Model Setup - The right side of the Main Interface can contain either a Map Preview or Model Setup. To learn more visit the Map Preview Page or the 3D Model Setup Page

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