ShaderMap Version 3.x
Map Preview
The Map Preview is displayed on the right side of the Main Interface when a Map Node is selected. Below is an image of the Map Preview with all of its parts labeled. The interface is straight forward to use. There is only one Tool in the Preview Map toolbar and it is for zooming and translating the image.

  • Zoom State Button - Sets the current Zoom state to all other Map Nodes with the same dimensions.
  • Zoom to Fit Button - Auto zooms the image to fit on the canvas.
  • Zoom Slider - Manually set the zoom of the Map Preview. A number box is also available for manual input.
  • Canvas Color Button - Brings up a color dialog to set the background color.
  • Lock / Unlock Button - Locking a Map to the Map Preview will cause it to stay when another Map Node is selected.
  • Map Info - The name and size of the Map are displayed in the bottom right of the Map Preivew.

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