ShaderMap Version 3.x
Node Controls
For every selected node in the Project Grid, a set of Node Controls will be displayed to the right side of the Node thumbnail. This set of controls varies depending on the type of node (map or model) and also based on if it is a source map / normal map. Below is an image displaying all possible configurations of the Node Controls with a description of each control underneath.

  • Lock / Unlock Map - When a map is locked it will not show Node Properties and will not be re-rendered if one of its inputs changes. A map is auto locked when editing the map in an external editor. Unlocking it will undo changes made externally.
  • External Edit - Pressing this button first locks the map then sends it to an external editor. The map is updated in ShaderMap once the external editor makes and saves changes to the map. External editors can be defined per map in the Options and Settings. See External Editor Settings for more information.
  • Export Map - This button opens the Save Map to File dialog. Here you can set the save filename and export format before saving. See Saving Maps for more information.
  • Node Info - Brings up the Node Info popup. This displays the information set by the map node plugin. If the node is a 3D model then basic model info is displayed.
  • Normal Editor - Available only to Normal Maps. This will lock the map and send it to the Normal Editor. See the Normal Editor section for instructions on how to use the Normal Editor.
  • Reload Source - Available only to Source Maps and Source 3D Models. It reloads the node from file.
  • Filter Stack - Brings up the map filter stack. This allows the user to apply and remove filters to the map generation process. See Map Filters to learn more about the Filter Stack.
  • Render Button - Available only to Maps that use a 3D Model as an input. Allows the user to start and stop rendering for the map. Maps that use 3D Models as an input are not auto generated when Node Properties are adjusted.

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