ShaderMap Version 3.x
Project Grid
The Project Grid is the main interface for working with ShaderMap Nodes. Below is an image with descriptions of each of the Project Grid parts followed by a description of each part.

  • Map Input Control - For every input a map requires there will be displayed an Input Control with a line connecting it to the Input Node. By moving your mouse over the Input Control at the center of the Input Node you can click and drag the Input to a different map, this will cause the Map to be re-rendered using the new Input. Inputs can be swapped with each other on maps with multiple inputs, just drag to swap.
  • Delete Node Button - Move your mouse over the selected Node to display the Delete Node button. Clicking this will give the option of removing a node from the project.
  • Add Node Button - Move your mouse over any empty cell in the grid to display the Add Node Button. Clicking this will bring up the Node Setup dialog.
  • Grid Resolution Controls - Clicking the Grid button will snap the grid cells to fit the current project nodes. Use the Up and Down arrows to manually set the grid resolution.
  • Node Controls - The selected node will display a set of node controls. The exact configuration of these controls depends on the type of Node selected. See Node Controls page for a complete description of Node Controls.

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