ShaderMap Version 3.x
Saving Maps
To save a map to file, click on the Disk Icon next to any selected (non source) map. If this is the first time clicking the Disk Icon for a map then a Windows file dialog will open asking for the user to setup the location, name, and file type where the image is to be saved. This setting up of the file path only needs to be done once. Clicking the Save button will bring up the ShaderMap file dialog and means the map is now ready for export.

The ShaderMap file dialog will be shown once the file path for the map has been setup. The dialog allows the user to change the file type and image path before saving. It also displays the folder, file name, and batch file name to be used when batching this map. Click the Disk Button on the file dialog to save the map to file. Removing the folder from the map by pressing the X button will disable the map for export.

Save All Maps

Now that a map is setup to be saved to file other maps can be setup as well. To save all maps that are setup for export simply click the Save All button located to the bottom right of the Map Grid. This button will be disabled until at least 1 map is setup for export.

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