ShaderMap Version 3.x
ShaderMap Start Page
The Start Page serves to quickly setup projects on the Main Interface with common map configurations. The Start Page is the first page shown when creating a new project or after opening ShaderMap. Below is the layout of the Start Page, follwed by a description of each part.

  • Project File Controls - Use these controls to open an existing project or create a new one.
  • Center Folder Button - Open a source file of the type checked in the source type found on the right of the page. Once the file is loaded a default project for that source type will be created. The Center Folder Button can also be used to load project files.
  • Source Types - The options are Color Texture, Normal Map, Displacement Map, or 3D Model. See the Maps and Models Section to learn about source types.
  • Recent Files Drop List - This control allows the user to select from up to 10 recently opened source or project files.
  • Template Library Drop List - This control allows the user to select common template files stored in the user directory "C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\ShaderMap\SM3\Libs\Template".
  • Support Button - This button opens the ShaderMap Support Page.
  • Advanced Button - This button skips to the Main Interface with an empty project.

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