ShaderMap Version 3.x
The Material Editor
The Material Editor takes up the entire right side of the Material Visualizer. Its purpose is to add, delete, and modify project Materials. The top of the Editor is the Material Grid. This section shows a thumbnail preview of each project Material. Below the grid is the default Material properties, these are common properties shared by all Materials. And last at the bottom are properties specific to the Material.

Adding Materials

To add a Material, move your mouse over an empty cell in the Material Grid. A PLUS button will appear, click it and a selection menu for all Material plugins currently loaded by ShaderMap will appear. Once the Material type is selected a Material Map Setup dialog will appear that allows you to select Project Maps for each of the required Map slots in the Material. To apply the Material, simply drag the material thumbnail on to a Geometry Subset in the Material Visualzer.

To delete a Material move your mouse over the material thumbnail in the Material Grid and click the X button.

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