ShaderMap Version 3.x
Maps and Models
ShaderMap produces generated Maps from Source Maps and 3D Models. This section will first cover the types of source maps and models ShaderMap supports then continue on to each of the Map types with a description of each of their properties.

Plugin System

All Maps in ShaderMap, including Source Maps, are generated in an external binary plugin. Plugins are located in the ShaderMap installation directory in the folder "Plugins". Programmers can create their own Map Plugins for ShaderMap using the ShaderMap SDK and Visual Studio C++.

Deprecated Map Plugins

There are a number of Map Plugins that have been replaced in the current version. The plugin system allows for a legacy flag to be set in old plugins that have been replaced. Setting the legacy flag in a Map Plugin causes ShaderMap to treat the Map as deprecated, meaning it can no longer be added to new ShaderMap projects. Deprecated Maps are still included with ShaderMap so that older projects that used them can still load them. Deprecated Map Plugins are not currently included in this documentation. Below is a list of old Map Plugins which have been Deprecated.
  • Displacement (Diffuse) - ShaderMap 2
  • Ambient Occlusion (Displacement) - ShaderMap 2

Shared Map Properties

All Maps have 3 shared property controls for the Mask Image. The Mask Image is a grayscale image where white pixels are processed and black ones are not. Gray areas are processed based on the brightness of the pixel. The Mask Image should be the same size as the Map for best results. Below is an image showing the common property controls.

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