ShaderMap Version 3.x
Normal Map from Displacement

Generates a normal map from a displacement map. Normals can be generated in any coordinate system but image space is used by default. Intensity of the normals can be set. Normals can also be sharpened, adding greater detail for displacement images with height variance less than three pixels apart.


Displacement Map - Any grayscale image representing height / displacement of a surface.


Name: Type: Description:
Input Filter List Select the color channel or combination of color channels to use from the input map.
Coordinate System Dialog Box Use this dialog to set the coordinate system of the generated normals.
Intensity Slider The intensity of the normal in the XY direction. Intensity is set prior to normalization.
Sharpen Checkbox If checked the normals are generated in a way that gives greater attention to displacement less than 3 pixels apart. This will give greater detail to normals generated from tightly packed displacement.
Invert Checkbox If checked then each normal has its X and Y components flipped resulting in a map similar to one generated from the negative of the displacement input.
Preserve Alpha Checkbox If checked the alpha values of the input map are maintained and placed in the alpha channel of the generated map.

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