ShaderMap Version 3.x
An Introduction to the Normal Editor
The ShaderMap Normal Editor is a layer based image editor specifically designed for working with tangent space normal maps. It includes layer types for Rasterized Normals, Displacement pixels, and Shapes. Tools include Transform, Select, Displacement Brush, Normal Brush, Vector Brush, Vector Picker, Shape Tool, Shape Edit Tool, and Eraser.

The Normal Editor includes an event limited History control for Undo / Redo as well as a robust layer control for ordering and selecting project layers. Each layer can be blended with other layers using a variety of blend modes, intensity, and opacity. Map layers are saved in the project file so changes can be made at a later time.

To send a Normal Map to the Normal Editor, select the Map in the Project Grid and press the N button next to it. Only normal maps will have this N button enabled.

This will bring the map into the Normal Editor interface. Below is an image displaying the main parts of the Normal Editor.

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