ShaderMap Version 3.x
Normal Editor: Shape Edit Tool

The Shape Edit Tool is used to modify the splines in existing Shape Layers. To begin editing a shape click on it. To apply the changes click off of the shape and onto the canvas. The Shape Edit controls are shown on the left and described below.

When a shape's control point (knot) or tangent is selected the top-left position of the selected point is displayed. Clicking on a number allows the user to manually set the exact position of the point.

The knot's tangent mode is also displayed. It can be set to one of the following modes: Bound, Mirrored, Broken, and Linear. Bound forces the tangents to take the same angle though each may have a different distance from the knot. Mirror causes the tangents to be at the same angle and distance from the knot. Broken allow the tangents to be independent from each other, useful when making sharp edges. Linear removes all tangents causing the knot to make a sharp edge in the shape.

New knots can be added, with the current control settings, by clicking anywhere on the spline that is not a knot. Pressing the Del key when a knot is selected will cause it to be removed from the shape.

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