ShaderMap Version 3.x
Normal Editor: Shape Tool

The Shape Tool creates layers with spline based lines, ovals, rectangles, and polygons. The shape layers themselves only define shape and not displacement. A profile needs to be applied to each shape layer to give it displacement across the surface. The Shape controls are shown on the left and described below.

There are four types of shape tools to choose from:
  • Pen - Click to draw points of the shape. Finish by clicking the first point created or by pressing Enter. To make curves click and drag for each point created.
  • Oval - Draw an oval shape. Hold SHIFT while dragging to make a circle.
  • Rectangle - Draw a box shape. Hold SHIFT while dragging for squares
  • Polygon - Draw an N sided shape. Hold SHIFT while dragging to force rotation angles to conform to precise intervals.
Any shape can be a solid or a line. If line is selected then the line width can be set. Each shape type has additional controls specific to its type. For example, the Pen shape has optional end caps when drawing lines.

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