ShaderMap Version 3.x
Normal Editor: Transform Tool

The Transform Tool allows selection, movement, scaling, and rotation of layers. The Transform controls are shown on the left.

When a layer is selected the top-left position of the layer is displayed. Clicking on a number allows the user to manually set the exact position of the layer.

The Transform Tool displays controls around selected layers. These controls are called the Transformation Gizmo and can be view toggled in the Transform controls.

To start a transformation move the cursor near one of the Transformation gizmo control points. Click and drag to initiate the transformation. Movement and selection of layers does not start a transformation. Once a transformation has started a transform bar will be displayed above the canvas. This bar allows the user to set the scaling and angle of the transformation as well as Accept or Cancel changes.

While scale dragging the transformation hold the SHIFT key to maintain the original ratio of the layers.

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