ShaderMap Version 3.x
Normal Editor: Vector Brush and Picker

The Vector Brush (V Brush) paints a single vector to Normal layers and the Base layer. Each brush paints one vector defined by either the picker or the Vector control. The Vector Picker can be used to select a vector from the canvas which is then set to the Vector control. All V Brush controls are shown on the left and described below.
  • Flow Interval - The interval in mouse distance moved as a percentage of brush size before a paint event occurs.
  • Opacity - The amount the vector is blended with the pixels underneath it.
  • Hardness - The lower the value the more blur is applied to the brush.
  • Size - The size of the brush in pixels.
  • Tile Paint - If checked the paint events will tile over the edges of the canvas.
  • Vector Control - Click the sphere to define the direction of the vector to paint.
  • Brush Grid - Displays the current brushes for the selected brush library. Double click a thumbnail to edit the brush.
  • Add Brush - Load an image from file which defines the shape of the brush. PNG is recommended. The brush will be added to the current selected library. All brushes are stored in the folder
    V Brush files have the extension .smvb. To create a new library simply create a new folder in the VBrush folder and put brush files in it.
  • Delete Brush - Deletes the brush file from the library folder.
  • Library List - Selecting a brush library displays its brushes in the brush grid.

The image to the left shows three tiles painted with different vectors. The result when rendering in 3D will be that each of these sections is facing a unique direction.

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