ShaderMap Version 3.x
Maps and Project Settings
The Maps and Project settings control multi-threading, map generation, some preview settings and caching. Below is a list of all settings with a description of each.

  • Max Parallel Map Rendering - The maximum number of maps that can render at one time.
  • Max Map Thread Count - The maximum number of threads any map can use with which to render.
  • Default Source Map Tile Type - Sets the tile mode to any source map when it is added to the project.
  • Default Coordinate System - Sets the coordinate system to any map that requires one when it is added to the project.
  • Use 128 for Zero in Normals - If enabled, all normal maps exported as 8 bit maps will use 128 (instead of 127) as Zero for packed normals.
  • Auto Link Map Zoom States - If enabled, all maps with the same size share the same zoom in the Map Preview.
  • Map Preview Linear Magnification - If enabled, all maps in the Map Preview use Linear Magnification instead of Nearest.
  • Require Confirmation on Delete Node - If enabled, the user is required to confirm delete of a node.
  • Enable Node Cache - If enabled, maps can cache input node data such as octrees when rendering from 3D models.
  • Cache Per Node Limit - The maximum number of cache entries per node.
  • UDIM U Max - The maximum number of horizontal U tiles in a UDIM map. See the UDIM Support section for more details.
  • UDIM Postfix Format - The postfix applied to a map's output filename. This is only used for maps that are generated from 3D Models with UDIM coordinates. The formats include: No Postfix, _[UDIM ID], and _[U#]_[V#].
  • Map Input Assign Method - When a map with inputs is added to the project grid, one of the following methods is used to auto assign the inputs to existing nodes:

    • Most Recent + Type - The input is selected by matching the expected type from the most recently added nodes. If no matching type is found then the most recent node is used.
    • Most Recent - The most recently added nodes are used as inputs.

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